Finding and Utilizing a Qualified Mediator

There are people that believe that they just need a mediator to get the

job done quickly, along the lines of an uncontested divorce lawyer with

a flat-rate fee. This is a misconception as the quality of your divorce

mediator is extremely important. As the State of Massachusetts does not

license divorce mediators, you are at risk of hiring an unqualified person

if you do not know how to find a skilled mediator. There are several things

to look for when choosing a mediator:

  • Look for a mediator that is a divorce lawyer so that the mediator has the

    ability to draft a separation agreement, otherwise you will be forced

    to hire two separate attorneys afterwards, at added cost to the parties.

  • Look for divorce mediator with extensive experience. As an example, we

    have acted as mediator in over 2,000 cases.

  • Look for a mediator that has a practice focused on mediation. Our firm

    devotes 95% of our practice to mediation.

  • Look for a firm that has a reputation for excellence in the legal community.
  • Ensure your mediator is skilled in maintaining neutrality, and is able

    to get results no matter how contentious the matters at hand could be

    before engaging in the process.

You can find out more about

finding and utilizing a qualified mediator by reading the in-depth interview with Attorney Polly Tatum of

Mediation Advantage Services, or by reaching out to speak with us directly.