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Divorce is never easy, even if you were the one to initiate it. However, this does not mean that the divorce process needs to be a difficult, contentious, and drawn-out battle. Mediation offers divorcing or separating couples the opportunity to create a custom divorce agreement that is tailored to their unique goals. The process is based on communication between the two parties, facilitated by a third-party mediator and, in some cases, other professionals. Unlike in traditional divorce proceedings, mediation does not require you to rely on an impartial judge to rule on the various terms of your divorce, including alimony, child custody, and child support.

Mediation puts the power back into your hands. At The Law Office of Polly A. Tatum, we assist individuals and couples navigating the family law mediation process. Whether you are concerned about where your child will live or need to make


post-divorce modifications due to a significant change in circumstances, our Worcester divorce mediation attorney, Polly A. Tatum, can help. Ms. Tatum has been practicing in the area of family law and mediation since 1997 and has personally handled more than 3,000 cases. She can help you with everything from relatively simple family law issues to high-asset divorce to complex child custody arrangements.

To request your initial consultation, please call our office at (508) 219-6264 or contact us online. Our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind you need to move forward.

Attorney Polly Tatum

  • Glowing reviews
  • Professionalism and kindness
  • Focus on your relationship with your children
  • 20+ years’ experience
  • Professional background in civil service
  • 3,000+ cases mediated

True Stories from Real People

  • I can confidently recommend Polly Tatum because she is organized and efficient.

    “Polly was a patient and calm guide through the steps for mediation and divorce. I can confidently recommend Polly Tatum because she is organized and efficient. All forms were prepared accurately and in a timely way. The hearing was today, and we had absolutely no problems. Everything went exactly as she described. Thank you Polly!”


  • She truly cares about her clients.

    “We had a great experience with Polly throughout the second parent adoption of our son. She is well versed in the area of adoption but also very approachable and down to earth. She made sure we understood all the paperwork and she truly cares about her clients. As a result of her guidance, we feel safe and protected as a family unit.”


  • Five Stars Isn’t Enough!

    “My divorce was amicable, but the subsequent issues that came up when I got remarried and moved closer to my children created a lot of conflicts. We have four boys and two functional households, and we’d been fighting a pitched legal battle on several fronts for almost two years on a number of issues when we both finally agreed to go into mediation. So, I went to Polly with a situation that I considered truly unresolvable, given the personalities involved and the past history. I am sitting at my desk today after a number of mediation sessions staring at a signed mediation agreement. I will be honest, it was very expensive, and because we were in such bad shape going in, it took six months and eleven or twelve sessions, and I do not feel that I wasted a single penny. I absolutely cannot recommend her services any more highly–she truly understands how to deal with difficult personalities of every flavor (and I’m including my own here), navigate very complex negotiations with tragic consequences for any misstep, and still consistently deliver unbelievable results. If I have any future conflicts I will not hesitate to go back. If you need mediation, don’t wait, call Polly.”


  • Your work is successfully mediating such a difficult matter stands as a model for how a mutually favorable divorce can be achieved in a civil, fair and respectful manner.

    “I am writing to you more than seven years after our successful mediation of my divorce. As you may recall, the circumstances surrounding our divorce (long-term marriage, unemancipated children, significant income and net worth, extramarital relationships, etc.) presented all of the classic elements for a never-ending legal and financial war. To your great credit, our mediated divorce resulted in a fair settlement that resulted in a minimal and negative impact to our children and has allowed both my ex-wife and I to enjoy strong and positive parental relationships between ourselves and our children. I strongly believe that your work is successfully mediating such a difficult matter stands as a model for how a mutually favorable divorce can be achieved in a civil, fair and respectful manner, even between the most antagonistic of parties in the most difficult of situations.”

    S.P. Rutland

  • Attorney Tatum is a well-respected, professional and dedicated lawyer.

    “Attorney Tatum is a well-respected, professional and dedicated lawyer. I recommend this attorney.”

    Corine Claxton- Attorney

Compassionate, Client-Focused Mediation Services

At The Law Office of Polly A. Tatum, we understand just how difficult it is to face any legal family issue. Often times, there are intense, conflicting emotions at play. Parents may strongly disagree about matters of child custody and support. Separating spouses may be concerned about how their shared assets will be divided. This is normal, but that does not mean that you will have to face a long courtroom battle to resolve these issues.

Our firm offers empathetic legal counsel, coupled with a realistic and unbiased approach to mediation. We are here to serve as a caring but objective third party. This allows us to help you and your ex-spouse or partner reach various agreements on the terms of your divorce or separation while keeping your best interests and the best interests of your children and family in mind.

We encourage you to reach out to us at (508) 219-6264 to discuss your situation with our experienced Worcester divorce mediation attorney.

Cases We Handle

Our extensive experience makes us well-equipped to handle a broad range of complex and challenging family law mediation matters. We assist families in Worcester County and throughout Massachusetts with mediation regarding divorce and separation, same-sex divorce, child custody, child support, and post-divorce modifications, as well as legal services for adoption and same-sex couple adoptions. We also handle estate planning matters, such as drafting wills and trusts, establishing guardianships, and creating powers of attorney and healthcare directives. Get in touch with us to learn more about the types of cases we handle. We are proud to serve clients in Holden, Shrewsbury, Westborough, Northborough, Southborough, and the surrounding areas.

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