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Worcester Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Law Offices of Polly Tatum

Divorce hurts - even if you're the one who "wants" it. If you and your spouse can't split in a friendly, respectful, and caring way, your kids are going to suffer, your bank account is going to suffer, and you are going to suffer. Mediation is a better idea. If you are seeking a compassionate lawyer to help see you through this process, call Polly Tatum.

Divorce Mediation Versus Family Law Litigation

Our law firm offers mediation services designed to help families find solutions to divorce-related conflicts in a non-combative approach. Often, mediation is a less-costly alternative to a prolonged courtroom battle. Worcester divorce mediator Polly A. Tatum acts as a third-party neutral mediator to address conflicts in divorce mediation.

We offer mediation for limited issues , such as:

In some cases, however, a formal lawsuit might be the only way to effectively resolve a family law dispute. In addition to offering mediation services, Polly A. Tatum also represents clients as their attorney in contested divorces and guardianship disputes. She is highly skilled in family law and prepared to advocate for her clients' best interests or act as a neutral third party.

Select a Highly Skilled Divorce Mediator in Worcester

Worcester County does not require mediators to obtain a professional license. This has opened up the floodgates for many people - often with no legal background - to offer divorce mediation services. Some mediators have been known to come up with creative agreements that ultimately cannot move forward without a judge's approval. Divorcing couples end up having to start all over again and hire another mediator or divorce attorney.

When the stakes are high, consult an experienced divorce mediator upfront to help you navigate the legal process, making sure every detail is covered. Since 1997, divorce mediator Polly A. Tatum has handled more than 2,000 divorce and family law mediations. She has a firm understanding of the divorce procedures and how local judges respond to mediation agreements. Polly A. Tatum is highly effective at facilitating open discussions focused on resolving conflicts with solutions that a family law judge would likely approve. A divorce can be a highly complicated legal process. Make sure your rights are protected and all issues are fully addressed with Polly A. Tatum's guidance.

Offering Legal Services for Nontraditional Families in Worcester

At the Law Offices of Polly Tatum, we frequently work with gay and lesbian families to provide advice and solutions to common family law questions. We understand the unique issues nontraditional couples face and the laws that affect them. Call the Law Offices of Polly Tatum to learn more about same-sex mediation.

We can help you with a variety of issues, including:

  • Mediation of separation agreements for unmarried partners
  • Gay and lesbian adoptions
  • Estate planning for more traditional families and for gay and lesbian families

Contact Mediation Advantage Services in Worcester

Settling divorce and family law matters does not have to be an adversarial or expensive process. By mediating, it is possible to resolve disputes more expeditiously and economically than pursuing a resolution through litigation. Evening and weekend appointments are available, and we accept all major credit cards. If you have a family law matter that needs resolution, contact the Law Offices of Polly Tatum, home of Mediation Advantage Services, online or call our office today to schedule an initial consultation.