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In the e-book, Attorney Polly A. Tatum provides helpful tools to help guide you through the divorce and mediation process in Massachusetts. Let us help you with your Family Matter. Fill out the information below to begin your consultation...

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Worcester Divorce Mediation Lawyer

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Divorce hurts.  Even if you're the one who 'wants' it. If you seek a compassionate lawyer to help see you through this hurtful process, call Polly.

If you and your spouse can't split in a friendly, respectful, and caring way, your kids are going to suffer, your bank account is going to suffer, and you are going to suffer. Mediation is a better idea.

Divorce Mediation Versus Family Law Litigation

Our law firm offers mediation services designed to help families find solutions to divorce-related conflicts in a non-combative approach. Worcester divorce mediator Polly A. Tatum acts as a third-party neutral mediator to address conflicts in divorce mediation regarding:


Often, mediation is a less-costly alternative to a prolonged courtroom battle. In some cases, however, a formal lawsuit might be the only way to effectively resolve a family law dispute. In addition to offering mediation services, Polly A. Tatum also represents clients as their attorney in contested divorces and guardianship disputes. She is highly skilled in family law, prepared to advocate in her clients' best interests or act as a neutral third party.


I wanted to thank you for the way you dealt with my situation. This has not been easy and I appreciate the advice you gave me. You did a wonderful job. I don’t want to see anyone I know get divorced, but if I come across the opportunity to recommend you, I will. Client from Rutland, Massachusetts

KR- Oxford, MA

I will never forget the day I had to walk into Polly Tatum’s Law Office for the first time. It was one of the most unsettling days I have experienced. Within one hour, my anxiety and fear had substantially lessened. Attorney Tatum’s heartfelt comments, thorough legal advice, her explanations of options...

P.B. – Grafton, MA