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Massachusetts is home to numerous same-sex couples. Like heterosexual couples, those couples face a variety of family disputes that are appropriate for mediation. Custody in the context of divorce or separation, visitation, paternity cases, modifications, guardianships, adoptions, child support, and grandparent visitation matters are all matters that would benefit from mediation. When custody cases become contested, the judicial system does not have the adequate resources or capacity to monitor the interpersonal relationships of the parents or parties involved in the dispute. Lawyers, judges, and family therapists are all in desperate need of finding methods in addressing family trauma.

The Law Office of Polly A. Tatum is experienced in handling family disputes that arise between same-sex couples. Our Worcester same-sex mediation attorney can help you reach agreeable solutions with your ex-spouse or partner. This is particularly important when there are children involved.

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How Mediation Can Benefit Your Family

There have been numerous studies and research conducted that demonstrate how children suffer when their parents separate or divorce. This is especially prevalent when parents are engaged in a custody or visitation dispute. More emphasis in facilitating parental cooperation is a necessity if children are going to thrive once their parents break up. Unfortunately, the litigation process is adversarial in nature and therefore does not lend itself to this proposition. Family law judges do not want parents to lose parental control when it comes to parenting their children. However, often times, parents turn to the courts to solve their issues when communication breaks down.

Family mediation is an opportunity to promote cooperative parenting for parents and guardians who have ended their intimate familial relationship. The mediation process is a wonderful opportunity for parents to communicate in a neutral setting with a trained and experienced third party who can assist in resolving custody disputes in order to protect the children’s best interests. Additionally, family mediation is a solution-based approach, aimed at helping parents develop and maintain lasting, successful parenting plans for many years to come. In our 20+ years in practice, we have observed many parents—both same-sex and heterosexual couples—successfully continue a parenting relationship well after the ending of their relationship.

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Addressing the Unique Concerns of Same-Sex Couples

Same-sex couples who are experiencing a family dispute should locate a family mediator who has specific qualifications to appropriately handle these delicate matters. The mediator who handles family-related cases needs to be able to deal with the high emotions of the family, as well as be familiar with legal issues regarding a formal second-parent adoption or an informal second parent relationship.

Although same-sex couples can complete a second parent adoption process in Massachusetts, there are numerous couples who have never formalized their legal parent relationship through the courts. However, those couples are still a family, and their child would be significantly impacted in the event of a relationship ending. The mediation process can help both parents have a voice. Child custody mediation can be extremely effective in assisting parents in managing their own conflicts privately and outside of the courtroom.


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