Mediation in Massachusetts: Alimony Child Support

The mediation process is geared to resolve all issues, including alimony and child support. Under the new state law about alimony, support will be based upon the needs of the parties and their actual ability to pay, not on entitlement. With a real need and the ability to pay, then spousal support payments make sense. When there is no actual ability to pay, alimony is not appropriate. The court employs a formula to make decisions about spousal support, based upon several factors. As our New Haven divorce mediation lawyer is also divorce attorney, we have a deep understanding of how the court makes these decisions, and the calculations that take place when coming to a decision about the amount of alimony and the duration of the payments.

For child support, there is another formula applied, based upon the parenting time spent with each parent. Child support is not taxable, nor is it deductible, whereas alimony can be deducted as an expense, so there are tax implications to discuss in the mediation process. If you have questions about alimony or child support in Massachusetts, you can read more in the e-book issued by our firm, Mediation Advantage Services in the chapter entitled ” Mediation in Massachusetts: Alimony and Child Support.”