Forming Realistic Expectations for Mediation


A Novel Way to Divorce

Mediation is a still a new concept in divorce, so many people don’t know what to expect when they come to the mediation table.

Forming realistic expectations for mediation, however, is the key to success. Most couples are able to reach a successful agreement through divorce mediation. Those that aren’t often start the process with misguided expectations.

Forming Expectations

It is easy to form realistic expectations once you know what you can accomplish in mediation. You will create a separation agreement with your spouse in mediation. The separation agreement will cover all the details of your divorce and is filed along with your other divorce papers. It is a simple but very efficient way to get divorced. Here are some things you should expect when approaching this task:

  • Expect to be goal oriented. The end goal is reaching agreement on the terms and conditions of your divorce. Staying focused on this goal is the key to success.
  • Expect to negotiate. If you are considering mediation, you probably have one or more issues that you can’t see eye to eye on. Mediation is all about negotiating through those disagreements. Because of this, you will face adversity if you come to the mediation table intent on standing your ground. Know that success in mediation is closely tied to flexibility and compromise.
  • Expect to make some very important decisions. In fact, the mediator cannot make any decisions for you at all. You don’t need to know exactly what you want before you start the process, but don’t go into it expecting someone else to decide for you.
  • Expect to be empowered by the process. Negotiating the terms of your divorce and making important decisions can be empowering. Realize that the decisions you will be making are best made by you. They will pertain to what happens to the things most important to you: your financial assets and your children. You should want to have a say in these matters, and mediation can allow you the opportunity to do so.

Expect Support and Guidance

Don’t worry about not knowing exactly what to do. An experienced mediator will be there with you, providing you with information and guidance so you know what you need to include in your agreement and what the implications of your decisions will be.

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