Mediation FAQs

Do you care about your clients?

Absolutely, I pride myself on having an excellent reputation with both current and past clients and maintaining neutrality in order to come up with a fair agreement for both spouses. Our office has systems in place that allow new clients to contact our case manager to learn about the mediation process, costs, and scheduling so as to avoid direct, one-on-one conversations with our mediators. Existing clients do not communicate with the mediator in between sessions without the knowledge of both spouses.

Yes, I care deeply about my clients, which is why my office focuses mainly on divorce mediation as opposed to contested litigation, which we believe to be time-consuming, expensive, and emotionally devastating for families.


Do you have a good reputation with other divorce lawyers and mediators?

Yes, I receive a lot of cases from referrals from other divorce lawyers, marriage therapists, and mediators. I train and mentor other professionals to do divorce mediation. Additionally, I am a past president (an elected position) of the Worcester County Bar Association, which serves approximately 1,100 lawyers throughout Worcester County.


Are your services a good value?

Absolutely, we offer pricing options from the simple case through high-asset cases dealing with business valuations, stock options, multiple pieces of real estate, and complex parenting issues. Our focus is on preserving your wealth and assets, and we will work with you to identify a payment option that works for you and your family.


Are you familiar with the judges in Worcester County?

Yes, most of our clients come from Worcester County. However, we do have clients travel from all over Massachusetts because of the service and reputation of our firm.


Is it hard to schedule an appointment?

Absolutely not! We typically have weekly last-minute appointments available, and we are flexible in working with everyone’s work schedule. My case manager is available to assist you with your scheduling needs.


Are you going to treat our case like any other and take a cookie-cutter approach?

Every situation is unique. The wonderful thing about divorce mediation is that the couple has control in developing their agreement. For example, you don’t have to adhere to so-called traditional parenting plans if that’s not what you want. However, you have to remember that the judge has to find that your agreement meets the fair and equitable test. So it is our role as your divorce mediator to help you reach an agreement that is fair to both spouses and makes proper provisions for the children.