Take a Trip to Bermuda

This month, with fresh starts and celebrations of love on my mind, I really want to share my gratitude and say thank you. Thank you for letting me serve you! In my practice as a mediator, my mission is to help families uncouple in the most peaceful way possible while preserving their relationship with their kids. I've been fortunate to work with some amazing clients as I've helped them start the next chapter of their lives. It's my honor to help folks like you make ... CONTINUE READING

Couples Who Sweat Together Stay Together

Each Valentine's Day, people all over the world rush to the store to buy chocolates and all the ingredients necessary to whip up a romantic dinner for two. Unfortunately, these calorie-laden holiday traditions can undermine the fitness resolutions you made just six weeks before. Instead of throwing your goals by the wayside this February, why not make fitness a couples activity? ... CONTINUE READING

The Most Iconic Super Bowl in NFL History

Going into the 1999 NFL season, no one expected anything from the St. Louis Rams. When starting quarterback Trent Green went down with a gruesome knee injury in the preseason, ESPN The Magazine slated the Rams to be the worst team in the NFL that year. With few options, coach Vermeil named a virtually unknown player as his new starting quarterback, humbly stating in a press conference, "We will rally around Kurt Warner, and we'll play good football." ... CONTINUE READING

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