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Mediation: The Peaceful Alternative

Worcester Child Custody Mediation Attorney

Using Mediation to Resolve Child Custody Disputes

Agreeing on child custody and parenting arrangements is often one of the most difficult parts of a divorce or separation. In many circumstances, the adversarial nature of traditional divorce lawsuits can make the situation even worse. Often, child custody litigation encourages parents to get bogged down in making negative statements about one another, rather than concentrating on making a plan that best suits the children and the parents.

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Try Mediation to Make a Child Custody Agreement

At The Law Office of Polly A. Tatum, we have seen over the past two decades how strong mediation can help parents where a traditional lawsuit might fail. Guided by a neutral third party, parents can express their fears and hopes about their children and work out a compromise agreement.

A trained lawyer and mediator, Polly A. Tatum has handled more than 3,000 family law mediations in more than two decades of practice. As an experienced and actively practicing family law attorney, Ms. Tatum can inform her mediation clients about the relevant child custody laws in Massachusetts and help guide them to an acceptable and workable custody and parenting schedule.

When Can Mediation Be Used in a Child Custody Dispute?

Mediation is appropriate for nearly any type of child custody disagreement, including:

  • A dispute in a new divorce or separation proceeding
  • A change in existing child custody or parenting situations based on perceived danger to the child or on changes in the child’s preference
  • Determining child custody and parenting arrangements in families where the parents never married or where the second parent never formally adopted the child
  • A change in child custody or parenting arrangements when the custodial parent wants to relocate out-of-state with the child

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