Divorce Law Mediation

When a divorcing couple engages in mediation they gain the ability to resolve the critical issues in a non-adversarial manner and avoid the stress and costs of a divorce trial. As divorce is listed as the second most traumatic of all life events, emotions often run high, there may be a tendency to argue, a great deal of resentment and the grief and anger from the loss of an important relationship. There are often several issues in contention that must be sorted out.

In divorce mediation, there is the opportunity to channel these emotions and get an agreement in place that both parties can live with. With a highly-trained neutral third party assisting in keeping the focus on getting the critical issues resolved, a fair compromise can be achieved. The matters that must be addressed and resolved include child custody, child support, spousal support and property division. Read more about mediation and how it could work for you.

Attorney Polly A. Tatum is currently presides as President of the Worcester County Bar Association, and her practice is focused upon Divorce and Family Mediation and other family law issues. Her mission is to assist families to end a marriage in a fashion that will preserve the family relationships and protect children from the damage that can be done when they live with ongoing conflicts between the parents. Contact Mediation Advantage Services for more information.