Client Appropriateness For Mediation

There are some issues that are appropriate for mediation. Cases involving domestic violence, whether physical or emotional will become apparent, as one party is withdrawn and won’t speak up. As a very experienced mediator with over 2,000 mediations complete, we have learned the verbal and physical cues and body language when any domestic violence has been taking place. We generally do not get called upon to serve as a divorce mediator for couples with a history of domestic violence, and this is one example of a situation that is not appropriate for mediation. If it becomes apparent that this is the situation, we screen out these couples and do not move forward.

As the mediation process to be successful must be completely voluntary for all parties, including the mediator, in cases of extreme anger or other inappropriate behavior the process will be discontinued or suspended in many cases. All of the issues that must be resolved in a divorce will be discussed, and our firm, Mediation Advantage Services, employs a structured format to achieve the goal of the mediation – a fully resolved divorce agreement that a judge can approve. Read more about client appropriateness for mediation in an article in the e-book issued by our firm entitled Divorce and Mediation in Massachusetts.