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Divorce History: How the Divorce Process Changed for the Better
Divorce History: How the Divorce Process Changed for the Better

Divorce, Evolved People have been getting divorced in the US for hundreds of years, one of the earliest of which occurred in what is now the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A quick look at divorce history shows the divorce process has made big strides since those early days. ...

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  • Who Gets the Deduction? Avoiding Tax Season Conflict

    Tax Considerations for the Future One of the most neglected tasks in divorce is figuring out how you will deal with your taxes after the divorce. Many ...

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  • Making Joint Decisions About Your Child's Education

    Legal Custody and Decision-Making Massachusetts recognizes two types of custody: legal and physical custody. Legal custody gives you the right to make ...

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  • Moving On: Tips for Taking That First Step

    Moving On Is Normal While divorce marks the end of a relationship, it also marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life. In the midst of divorce ...

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  • Online Divorce Services: Why You Should Do Your Research

    Cheap, Easy, and Fast: Too Good to Be True? If you are doing Internet research on divorce, you’ve probably seen a few ads for online divorce services. ...

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  • The Military Divorce: Tips for a Seamless Split

    Navigating the Military Divorce Divorce affects many families across the US, military families included. Logistically, the traditional divorce process ...

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  • Negotiating Your Settlement: Why You Don't Need a Lawyer

    Decision-Making in Divorce Negotiating your own divorce settlement can seem like an impossible task during such an emotional time. You may feel like ...

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  • Forming Realistic Expectations for Mediation

    A Novel Way to Divorce Mediation is a still a new concept in divorce, so many people don’t know what to expect when they come to the mediation table. ...

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  • Your Mediation Checklist: Identifying Priorities

    What’s Important to You? Having a mediation checklist can increase your chances of success. Divorce isn’t rocket science, but achieving a fair and ...

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  • Settlement Regret: The Risks of Agreeing Too Soon

    Never Sign First and Ask Questions Later We all respond to divorce differently. Some people resist it while others want to get it over with as soon as ...

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