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Common Mediation Questions
Common Mediation Questions

Worcester Divorce Mediator Addresses Common Questions 1. Can we get divorced ourselves without hiring a mediator or divorce attorney? Answer: Typically, couples who are separating or divorcing are experiencing serious emotional distress and are unable to fairly negotiate in ...

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  • Can Every Aspect of a Family Law Case Be Mediated?

    Every aspect of a family law case can absolutely be mediated. Our firm handles divorce, custody, family law and parenting plan mediation. We also ...

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  • Benefits of Divorce Mediation During the Economic Recession

    Economic recessions are times where frivolous spending is simply not an option. Cutbacks on all ends are crucial in order to stay afloat and it ...

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  • How Long Does the Whole Mediation Process Typically Take?

    The divorce mediation process can take anywhere from two to four months to complete. It involves working out the terms of the agreement, filing ...

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  • 5 Things You Should Never Throw Away in a Divorce

    Out With the Old, In With the New Divorce tends to incite people to change: change their look, change their home , or even change their way of life. ...

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  • How Are Child Support Matters Generally Resolved Through Mediation?

    Massachusetts has child support guidelines that apply to all of the custody arrangements. During mediation, we look at the budgets for the two ...

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    Sign up now… to instantly watch a FREE recorded webinar and learn more about the advantages of using mediation to complete your divorce.

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  • How to Negotiate like a Pro in the Mediation Room

    Knowing How to Negotiate Mediation is centered on negotiations. Some say negotiation is an art; some say it is a science. Regardless, having strong ...

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  • Who Gets the Deduction? Avoiding Tax Season Conflict

    Tax Considerations for the Future One of the most neglected tasks in divorce is figuring out how you will deal with your taxes after the divorce. Many ...

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  • Sharing Assets After Divorce

    Sharing Instead of Splitting To equitably divide your marital property , you must divide your assets fairly between you two. With larger assets, this ...

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