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How to Negotiate like a Pro in the Mediation Room
How to Negotiate like a Pro in the Mediation Room

Knowing How to Negotiate Mediation is centered on negotiations. Some say negotiation is an art; some say it is a science. Regardless, having strong negotiation skills can really pay off at the divorce mediation table. And don’t short sell yourself, either. You can negotiate ...

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  • Emotional Assets: Assessing and Dividing

    The Worth of Assets In Massachusetts, divorcing couples must divide their assets equitably (i.e. fairly). Seems pretty simple, right? If all your ...

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  • Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer or Court Referral to Mediate?

    Steps to Mediation Many people aren’t familiar with divorce mediation. Mediation is a relatively new way to get divorced and still a less common ...

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  • Forming a New Kind of Relationship with Your Ex

    A New Partnership Once you’ve decided to divorce, you may be like many people and check out of the marriage. But if you have kids, you can’t fully ...

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  • Is Your Spouse Reluctant to Mediate? Have This Discussion First

    Reluctant and Not Ready Unless you and your spouse are on the same page, you may have some disagreements when it comes to the divorce. If your spouse ...

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  • Why You Shouldn't Wait to Mediate

    Don’t Wait, Mediate Many couples today choose divorce mediation to remain on good terms with their spouse, save money, and preserve their peace of ...

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  • Compartmentalizing: How to Keep Your Emotions out of the Mediation Room

    Divorce and Your Life Divorce has the tendency to take control of our lives. It takes our time, money, and our freedom of thought. Compartmentalizing ...

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  • Online Divorce Services: Why You Should Do Your Research

    Cheap, Easy, and Fast: Too Good to Be True? If you are doing Internet research on divorce, you’ve probably seen a few ads for online divorce services. ...

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  • The Military Divorce: Tips for a Seamless Split

    Navigating the Military Divorce Divorce affects many families across the US, military families included. Logistically, the traditional divorce process ...

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  • Negotiation Tips for the Mediation Table

    Striving Toward Agreement Divorce mediation is all about negotiations. Chances are good you and your spouse both want different things in the divorce. ...

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