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5 Things You Should Never Throw Away in a Divorce
5 Things You Should Never Throw Away in a Divorce

Out With the Old, In With the New Divorce tends to incite people to change: change their look, change their home , or even change their way of life. It’s great to change your life in positive ways after divorce, but before you toss out the old to make room for the new, make ...

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  • Divorce History: How the Divorce Process Changed for the Better

    Divorce, Evolved People have been getting divorced in the US for hundreds of years, one of the earliest of which occurred in what is now the ...

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  • Who Gets the Deduction? Avoiding Tax Season Conflict

    Tax Considerations for the Future One of the most neglected tasks in divorce is figuring out how you will deal with your taxes after the divorce. Many ...

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  • Emotional Assets: Assessing and Dividing

    The Worth of Assets In Massachusetts, divorcing couples must divide their assets equitably (i.e. fairly). Seems pretty simple, right? If all your ...

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  • Unequal Division: Can I Give My Spouse More Than Half the Assets?

    Asset Division Demystified It is not uncommon for spouses to fight for months on end about who gets what asset. In fact, many couples end up in court ...

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  • Adult Child Support: When Children Move Back Home

    Welcome Home If your adult child is returning home, you aren’t alone. Today, many adult children are flocking back home to lessen expenses while ...

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  • How Remarriage Affects Alimony and Child Support

    Moving On Moving on after divorce can sometimes mean remarriage in the future. While finding someone new is always something to celebrate, it is ...

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  • Found Someone New? How a New Partner Can Affect Your Divorce

    Out With the Old Finding a new partner can happen when we least expect it. For some, this may happen while the divorce is still pending. Though you ...

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  • Am I Entitled to My Spouse's Social Security Benefits?

    Social Security: The When and How Being in a long-term marriage gives you certain rights when you divorce. One of these is the right to your spouse’s ...

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  • Protecting Your Credit Score During Divorce

    A Numbers Game Your credit score is just a number. That number, however, can affect many areas of your life. It can prevent you from buying a car or ...

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