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How to Negotiate like a Pro in the Mediation Room
How to Negotiate like a Pro in the Mediation Room

Knowing How to Negotiate Mediation is centered on negotiations. Some say negotiation is an art; some say it is a science. Regardless, having strong negotiation skills can really pay off at the divorce mediation table. And don’t short sell yourself, either. You can negotiate ...

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  • How to Deal with Attacks on Your Character During Custody Disputes

    Custody Dispute Tactics When two spouses disagree over something as important as child custody, they are likely to pull out all the tactics they have ...

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  • Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer or Court Referral to Mediate?

    Steps to Mediation Many people aren’t familiar with divorce mediation. Mediation is a relatively new way to get divorced and still a less common ...

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  • Negotiation Tips for the Mediation Table

    Striving Toward Agreement Divorce mediation is all about negotiations. Chances are good you and your spouse both want different things in the divorce. ...

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  • Getting Even or Getting Ahead in Divorce

    Preparing for Battle Divorce revenge is all too real. Those who feel hurt or betrayed by their spouse may fantasize about getting even in the divorce. ...

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  • The Final Hearing: Do I Need a Divorce Attorney?

    Finishing With Confidence You’ve concluded your mediation. Your separation agreement is drafted, signed, and notarized. Your financial divorce papers ...

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  • Conscious Uncoupling: The New Divorce Mentality

    Working Together to Split Apart As easily as two people come together, modern couples are finding it just as easy to uncouple. The term conscious ...

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  • Can We Avoid Divorce with the Help of a Mediator?

    Family mediation can be useful in many scenarios. Family mediation can be used for divorce or to avoid divorce, separation, prenuptial agreements, ...

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  • Divorce Negotiations: Do We Need Help?

    Negotiating your own divorce settlement can be an efficient and non-adversarial way to get a divorce in Massachusetts. If you plan on handling your ...

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  • Dividing Assets: Can We Decide How?

    Divorce may be a time of loss, but you don’t have to let someone else decide what marital property you have to let go of. Dividing assets in a ...

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