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The Healthy Divorce: Is It Possible?
The Healthy Divorce: Is It Possible?

Many people may believe there is no way to have a healthy divorce. True, divorce can increase your stress, compromise your immune system, and leave you feeling less than well at a time when you need to be at your best. Divorce is a tough situation no matter how you look at ...

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Blog posts in May, 2016

  • What Is the Quickest Route to Divorce?

    Some people facing divorce want to move on and start anew as soon as possible. I’ve had many people ask me what the quickest route to divorce is. Each ...

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  • Preserving the Family Unit Through Mediation

    Divorce is known for tearing families apart. Even if you want to stay amicable in the aftermath for the benefit of your children, the process of ...

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  • Will My Side of the Story Matter in Mediation?

    Many people feel like their side of the story isn’t being heard and respected in their divorce. These people often hire attorneys to tell their story ...

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  • Who Protects Our Child's Best Interests If We Litigate?

    We’ve all heard the horror stories of courtroom divorces where people lose their dignity, confidence, respect they had for their spouse, their assets, ...

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  • Risks in Divorce: Mediation vs. Litigation

    Many people think the odds are stacked against them in divorce. They may start the process already on the defensive, ready to fight in court for what ...

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  • Preserving Assets: How Mediation Can Help

    Preserving assets is a common concern for couples going through a divorce. If you are worried about the cost of divorce, you may have some questions ...

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  • Can Our Mediator Give Us Financial Advice?

    Dividing assets in a divorce can be a stressful experience. You know you can’t hold on to everything you want because your spouse is entitled to his ...

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  • Mediating a Formal Separation

    Divorce isn’t for everyone. Common though it may be, divorce goes against many people’s religious, cultural, or personal beliefs. Today, many couples ...

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  • Can We Avoid Divorce with the Help of a Mediator?

    Family mediation can be useful in many scenarios. Family mediation can be used for divorce or to avoid divorce, separation, prenuptial agreements, ...

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