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Maintaining Healthy Finances During and After Divorce
Maintaining Healthy Finances During and After Divorce

Focus on the Future First, take stock of your finances. The first step toward healthy finances is knowing where you stand financially. Run a credit report, and talk to your spouse about their salary and employee benefits. Gather documentation on anything and everything ...

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Blog posts in June, 2016

  • Post-Divorce Plans: Steps to Self-Sufficiency

    Are You Ready for Life After Divorce? Preparing for life after divorce can be intimidating. Your post-divorce plans may not be well formed at this ...

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  • The Co-Parent Role: How to Prepare

    The co-parent role is one you probably haven’t been planning for. You most likely didn’t consider this role when you had your child and maybe still ...

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  • Five Self-Care Practices for Divorce

    It is easy to leave a lot of things unattended to during a divorce. You may find yourself neglecting commitments, friends, family, household work, or ...

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  • Selling Assets: Do's and Don'ts in Divorce

    Selling Assets Before Divorce Many couples try to sell assets during the divorce to pay off debt or share the proceeds. Selling assets rather than ...

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  • Discussing Divorce with Your Child

    Many parents want to know the best way to discuss divorce with their children. Discussing divorce in an honest and productive way is necessary to help ...

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  • Divide Retirement Plans

    Retirement plans are often the largest marital asset for a married couple. Retirement plans are subject to division under Massachusetts law. This ...

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  • Divorcing on Good Terms: Is It Possible?

    Divorcing your spouse while staying on good terms may seem like an insurmountable task. Your relationship is ending, and you have to work out an ...

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  • Trading Assets: How to Reach a Practical Asset Division

    Splitting assets in a divorce can present many problems. Your division should be fair, but how do you decide who gets what? One way to work toward a ...

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  • What Is Dissipating Assets?

    While you are still married, your marital assets are jointly owned . During a divorce, both spouses are still financially accountable to each other ...

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