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Can a Mediator Give Us Legal Advice?
Can a Mediator Give Us Legal Advice?

You may not have a thorough knowledge of the Massachusetts divorce laws that will be relevant to your case if you’ve never been divorced before. You can hire a divorce attorney to interpret these laws for you, but this can be costly. Many families today are choosing divorce ...

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Blog posts in February, 2016

  • What Is the Process for Modifying Alimony?

    Alimony is typically a short-term source of financial support one spouse pays to the other spouse in need. Alimony can be modified under certain ...

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  • Is Mediation Confidential?

    Massachusetts has one of the most thorough and long-standing public records in the country. Most court records are public record, meaning the public ...

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  • Will Mediation Work If My Spouse Is Dishonest?

    It is not uncommon for one spouse to be dishonest during a divorce. When it comes to deciding who gets what and how much, one spouse may be dishonest ...

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  • Timeline a Divorce: Mediation Versus Litigation

    Facing divorce can leave you feeling as if you have no choice but to grit and bear it. You may feel destined for a long, bitter courtroom battle. ...

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  • Unemployment and Alimony

    Your income will be considered when general term alimony is determined. Most sources of income will be taken into consideration for alimony, child ...

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  • Will Bonuses Be Considered When Calculating Income?

    Calculating the income of both spouses is part of every divorce. Income figures are important considering factors for the division of marital property ...

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  • Can I Give My Child a Cell Phone to Use During Parenting Time?

    Many children have their own cell phones today. More commonly used to keep in touch with friends, play games, watch shows, and listen to music, a cell ...

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  • Do I Need the Other Parent's Permission to Relocate?

    Divorced parents have to share the responsibilities of raising a child. Sharing custody can make it difficult to relocate. If you are divorced, ...

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  • Do I Need an Attorney to Help Me Prepare for Mediation?

    The thought of two divorce attorneys battling on behalf of their clients in a courtroom is enough to make most people cringe. Having attorneys handle ...

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