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Your Divorce Mediation Team
Your Divorce Mediation Team

Working with an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator can help ensure your mediation is successful and amicable. Some couples need extra support, however, and may benefit from working with a divorce mediation team. Taking a team approach to any difficult task can speed ...

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Blog posts in April, 2016

  • Preserving Peace of Mind During Divorce

    A divorce is anything but a simple undertaking. Preserving your peace of mind during divorce is one of the hardest, yet most important, things to do. ...

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  • Dividing Assets: Can We Decide How?

    Divorce may be a time of loss, but you don’t have to let someone else decide what marital property you have to let go of. Dividing assets in a ...

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  • Can We Agree on a Child Support Deviation?

    Massachusetts child support is calculated using the state Child Support Guidelines Worksheet . Sometimes child support can deviate from the amount ...

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  • Is a Parenting Plan Necessary If We Agree?

    Parents are often united in at least one aspect of divorce: the care and custody of their child. Most parents want what is best for their child ...

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  • Caucusing in Mediation: The Mediator as Go-Between

    If the idea of sitting down with your spouse face to face to work out the terms of your divorce is nerve-racking, you may be thinking divorce ...

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  • Divorce Finances: How Much Guidance Can Our Mediator Give Us?

    Your divorce finances can monopolize a good portion of the energy and resources you put into your divorce. Dividing your marital property and ...

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  • What Is Post-Divorce Mediation?

    Divorce mediation keeps your future in your hands by allowing you and your spouse to make all the important decisions about your divorce. Still, ...

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  • High Net-Worth Divorces and Divorce Mediation

    Having a high net-worth has its advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to high net-worth divorces, people may think that hiring an aggressive ...

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  • Divorcing Together: How to Maintain the Peace

    Just because you are getting a divorce doesn’t mean you have to do so in opposition to each other. Divorcing together, rather than against each other, ...

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