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Custody Agreements
Custody Agreements

Generally, the court wants children to have shared parenting time, as this has been established as being the healthiest situation for children. The issues that must be resolved in the mediation process include where the children will live during what period of time. Some ...

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Blog posts in October, 2014

  • Common Reasons for Divorce

    There are a couple of common reasons that couples divorce, most notably what is termed “irreconcilable differences.” The married couple is no longer ...

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  • Common Misconceptions About Mediation

    There are several common misconceptions about mediation and how it works. Many people believe that the two parties must be amicable to engage in the ...

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  • Closed Versus Open Adoptions

    It goes without saying that adoption is a decision of great enormity. But the type of adoption selected is of utmost importance, too. In a closed ...

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  • Client Appropriateness For Mediation

    There are some issues that are appropriate for mediation. Cases involving domestic violence, whether physical or emotional will become apparent, as ...

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  • Checks Balances in Mediation

    Most marriages end with both parties interested in protecting their own interests, but not necessarily interested in being unfair to their former ...

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  • Divorce Law Mediation

    When a divorcing couple engages in mediation they gain the ability to resolve the critical issues in a non-adversarial manner and avoid the stress and ...

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  • Reasons Why You Should Mediate Family Law Disputes

    Mediation is a conversation between two or more people that disagree, led by a trained, neutral mediator who is committed to helping you resolve your ...

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  • Professional Opinion Regarding Mediaiton

    Polly Tatum, the founder of Mediation Advantage Services in New Haven has a professional opinion about mediation as an option to resolve the critical ...

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  • Mediator Bias

    The professional background of your mediator is a critical point to evaluate before making a decision. At Mediation Advantage Services we offer a free ...

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