S.P. Rutland, Massachusetts

S.P. Rutland, Massachusetts

“Hi Polly,
I am writing you more than seven years after our successful mediation of my divorce. As you may recall, the circumstances surrounding our divorce (long-term marriage, unemancipated children, significant income and net worth, extramarital relationships, etc.) presented all of the classic elements for a never ending legal and financial war. To your great credit, our mediated divorce resulted in a fair settlement that resulted in minimal and negative impact to our children, and has allowed both my ex-wife and I to enjoy strong and positive parental relationships between ourselves and our children.
I strongly believe that your work is successfully mediating such a difficult matter stands as a model for how a mutually favorable divorce can be achieved in a civil, fair and respectful manner, even between the most antagonistic of parties in the most difficult of situations.”

With gratitude and respect for all that you do, J.M. of New Hampshire (formerly of Worcester, MA)

“Polly Tatum was always professional, knowledgeable and accessible during the entire mediation process. I would definitely recommend her mediation services. Polly helped us define all of the steps we needed to take in our divorce, while at the same time making sure we remained calm and open-minded during our meetings.”

Polly Tatum is a highly qualified and dedicated Worcester Family Law & Estate Planning Attorney who can help you in your time of need. Call now for a strategy session.


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