S.P. Rutland, Massachusetts

” We found Polly to be fair and considerate during a very trying time. Her knowledge of the local process was very comforting.”


Divorce is not a fun or pleasant experience to have in ones life. Polly made the process simple and as painless as possible. She explained the mediation process, gave us each time to decide if the process was something we could both agree on, and proceeded to take us through each step. The two appointments we had with Polly were efficient and concise. Polly was extremely professional and knowledgeable throughout our mediation. We would highly recommend her services to other people in our situation.”

C.N. of Holden, Massachusetts

“After seeing all the long, drawn out, lengthy experiences of divorce in friends, I decided to go with Mediation. It seemed then, and still seems now, unbelievable to me that in 3 hour-long sessions, my divorce paperwork was concluded, the papers filed and the court date was set and done, all within a matter of several months and only 3 Mediation meetings. It CAN be done; I did it, maybe you can too. It definitely can save time and money.”

J.C. Auburn, Massachusetts

“I have been, and continue to be, a client of Attorney Polly Tatum’s. She has represented me in court regarding the difficult matters of divorce and child custody issues. Attorney Tatum has always been responsive, professional and successful in reaching very favorable results for me regarding my court matters. It gives me a great deal of peace of mind to know that Polly Tatum is my attorney and that she is well qualified to represent my interests. I highly recommend Attorney Tatum based on her experience, competence and professionalism.”

S.P. Rutland, Massachusetts

“I am writing you more than seven years after our successful mediation of my divorce. As you may recall, the circumstances surrounding our divorce (long-term marriage, unemancipated children, significant income and net worth, extramarital relationships, etc.) presented all of the classic elements for a never ending legal and financial war. To your great credit, our mediated divorce resulted in a fair settlement that resulted in minimal and negative impact to our children, and has allowed both my ex-wife and I to enjoy strong and positive parental relationships between ourselves and our children.

I strongly believe that your work is successfully mediating such a difficult matter stands as a model for how a mutually favorable divorce can be achieved in a civil, fair and respectful manner, even between the most antagonistic of parties in the most difficult of situations.”

E.B. of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

“Polly Tatum made what was a very difficult time for both of us that much easier to deal with by the care, dignity and expertise she showed while helping us through our divorce. She was able to facilitate a separation agreement that was mutually acceptable to both of us in just a few visits. We would both highly recommend using Mediation Advantage when faced with divorce.”

C.G. from Grafton Mass

“Polly has helped several times during highly stressful situations. She handled my case with professionalism, empathy, patience and a great deal of humor when needed to alleviate the stress. She was able to control a situation that could have quickly deteriorated. I would and have recommended her to anyone who is going through a divorce or needs help with an elder parent.”

A.R. Sutton, Massachusetts

“As you know, there were several moments during the mediation process where we found it very hard to agree on details. At these times our emotions were very raw, and our sadness, anger and bitterness were reflected in our words and actions. You were extremely sensitive and always neutral in dealing with us and helping us past these hurdles. For this I am very grateful. I was told by friends that went before me how difficult divorce was and how messy it could get. We had all the ingredients that could have made that happen, however I TRULY believe it is your professionalism and legal knowledge that helped keep our situation in control and moving in a forward direction. Thank you.”

D.K. Grafton, Massachusetts

“In my search for a divorce lawyer, I interviewed several candidates. When I met Polly, I knew she was the right person for my situation. I found Polly to be very knowledgeable and professional, but also very sensitive to the personal and emotional side of divorce. Polly helped me understand my rights and guided me through the process as painlessly as a divorce can be. Even though the lawyer on “the other side” was difficult, Polly remained supportive and professional. We are nearly done with the divorce, and the impact on my kids has been minimal and my relationship with my ex-wife is cooperative.”

B.G. Templeton, Massachusetts

“We had a great experience with Polly throughout the second parent adoption of our son. She is well versed in the area of adoption but also very approachable and down to earth. She made sure we understood all the paperwork and she truly cares about her clients. As a result of her guidance we feel safe and protected as a family unit.”

KR- Oxford, MA

“I wanted to thank you for the way you dealt with my situation. This has not been easy and I appreciate the advice you gave me. You did a wonderful job. I don’t want to see anyone I know get divorced, but if I come across the opportunity to recommend you, I will.”