Post Divorce Modification Mediation

Going through a divorce can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. The emotional stages of a divorce can linger long after an agreement has been finalized, making the negotiation process challenging when divorced couples seek to modify parts of their divorce agreement. If the term of your divorce needs to be modified based on substantial changes in circumstances, consider working with an experienced mediator to reach an agreement in a non-combative way.

For more than 15 years, divorce mediator Polly A. Tatum has used alternative dispute resolution to help divorced couples and couples getting divorce resolve complex issues in an amicable way. She has handled more than 3,000 post-divorce and divorce mediations in Massachusetts.

Ms. Tatum is highly skilled at helping her clients overcome any emotional roadblocks in an effort to negotiate reasonable agreements. Contact her law firm today to schedule an initial consultation in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Mediating Post-Divorce Modifications in Worcester

A divorce agreement is not meant to be written in stone. If you or your ex-spouse has lost a job or encountered other significant changes, the divorce agreement can be modified based on your children’s best interests. Obtain experienced legal help. This is a complicated area of the law. A child custody modification, for example, could ultimately cause child support to be modified. The right mediator will understand how modifying parts of the divorce agreement could potentially affect other areas of the divorce agreement.

In Worcester County, mediators are not required to obtain a professional license. Some mediators have no background in the law and can overlook all the legal implications that need to be addressed. Polly A. Tatum is an experienced mediator and family law attorney. She is fully prepared to help divorced couples take into account potential ramifications when modifying parts of their divorce agreement, including:

  • Child support — A job loss, demotion, and other factors can affect a parent’s ability to make timely child support payments. A change in child custody could also prompt child support to be modified. Mediator Polly A. Tatum can help you modify or enforcement the child support arrangement based on your child’s best interests.
  • Child custody — Child custody can be modified based on your child’s best interests. For example, parental relocation may prompt child custody to be modified. If your ex needs to move away for a job, you may pursue a child custody modification so your child can remain in the same school year with as little disruption as possible. We could then work out a parenting time agreement for your child to spend the summers with your ex. Every case is fact specific. Ms. Tatum is committed to making sure every detail is covered in your child’s best interests.
  • Alimony modifications — Financial concerns can quickly cause emotions to spiral out of control. Mediator Polly A. Tatum acts as a neutral third party to help divorced couples overcome emotional barriers when seeking to modify or enforce spousal support arrangements. She is highly knowledgeable on the formula used to determine how much and how long spouses qualify for alimony support. Ms. Tatum uses her legal background to facilitate an open discussion focused on helping spouses reach an agreement in a non-combative way.

A wide range of issues can be addressed in post-divorce mediation. Whether your child needs to be added onto your health care insurance or you want to set up a plan for financing your student’s college education, mediation can be an effective tool to resolve issues in a non-adversarial process. Mediator Polly A. Tatum has extensive experience helping divorced couples identify realistic, yet creative solutions.

Contact a Skilled Worcester Custody Modifications Attorney

Post-divorce mediation can be an effective way to overcome any emotional barriers when seeking to modify child custody, child support or spousal support. Mediator Polly A. Tatum is highly experienced at facilitating open discussions to help divorced couples focus on critical details that need to be addressed.

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