When unmarried partners realize that their relationship is no longer working and decide to split, important issues may need to be resolved, especially if the relationship lasted several years. Legal issues need to be handled differently when unmarried couples separate. Settling matters through family mediation may be the best course of action.

Using Mediation to Resolve Family Law Matters With Dignity

Since 1997, Worcester family law attorney and divorce mediator Polly A. Tatum has used alternative dispute resolution to help same-sex and heterosexual couples resolve disputes in a non-combative way. She has handled more than 3,000 divorce mediations and family law mediations over the past 19 years.

Ms. Tatum is committed to acting as a neutral third-party mediator to help you resolve any family law conflicts. Family law mediation is confidential and cost-effective. Contact attorney Polly A. Tatum today to schedule a consultation in Worcester.

Family Mediation  A Compelling Alternative to Litigation

Unmarried partners do not have the same legal protection as married couples. This can be difficult when making decisions regarding property division, child support and child custody. In such cases, collaborative family law or mediation is a strong alternative to litigation.

General Information:

Mediation is designed to help disputing couples reach an amicable resolution with the help of a neutral mediator focused on facilitating open discussions. This is also a more cost-effective approach, since each side can split the mediation fees instead of hiring his or her own family law attorneys.

Experienced in Family Law and Mediation

Professional mediator and family law attorney Polly A. Tatum has extensive experience working with unmarried individuals, same-sex couples, parents and children. She has handled thousands of family law mediations, including:

She also has a strong background acting as an elder law mediator . Ms. Tatum is highly skilled at using mediation techniques to help couples resolve disputes amicably. She is experienced in family law and mediation. When you select her law firm, you can feel confident knowing she can help you resolve your dispute with a solution a judge will likely to approve.

Contact a Skilled Millbury Divorce Mediation Attorney

Settling a divorce and family law matter does not have to be an adversarial or expensive process. Mediate, do not litigate — resolve disputes expeditiously and economically.

If you have a family matter that needs mediation, contact the Law Office of Polly A. Tatum, home of Mediation Advantage Services, online or call (508) 645-6374 to schedule an initial consultation. To learn more about the value of divorce mediation, reference our law firm’s mediation FAQ. Evening and weekend appointments are available. All major credit cards are accepted.