Uncontested Divorce

Worcester Child Custody & Visitation Lawyer

Some matters between separating, unmarried partners simply cannot be resolved through family law mediation . Perhaps unwillingness, infidelity, substance abuse or other factors prevent an amicable resolution to these issues. Yet, you still want a family law attorney who can address matters with an eye toward efficiency and economy.

At the Law Office of Polly A. Tatum in Worcester, Massachusetts, we represent parties in family law proceedings. If you are contemplating a split domestic partner, we invite you to contact our firm. Together we can explore the wisest way to achieve your goals and find closure.

Making Financial Arrangements

In cases where partners who have never married decide to separate, the laws don’t apply in the way that they do for married couples. Deciding how to divide assets and debt, child support and even support of a former partner can be difficult. Yet a skilled domestic relations lawyer can advise you and help you make decisions that will help you maintain financial stability. The Law Office of Polly A. Tatum is equipped with the skill and experience to help you through the financial aspect of your partnership dissolution or break up.

Making Custodial Arrangements

Our firm also advises clients on making sound decisions regarding child custody and visitation following the break up of a same sex or opposite sex couple with children. We focus on flexibility to minimize conflict and maximize a child’s access to both parents.

Settling divorce and family law matters does not have to be an adversarial or expensive process. Mediate, do not litigate — resolve disputes expeditiously and economically. If you have a family law matter that needs resolution, contactthe Law Office of Polly A. Tatum, home of Mediation Advantage Services.

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