Child Support Mediation

If parents cannot agree about monthly child support payments and wish to deviate from the standards dictated by Massachusetts law, conflicts can be emotionally-heated and can quickly grow out of control. The parent receiving support may feel cheated out of a fair payment, whereas the parent paying support may feel forced to pay an unmanageable amount.

Turning to the traditional court process to resolve a child support dispute usually ends up costing both parents more money. Mediation could be helpful if you can work collaboratively to reach a resolution. In mediation sessions to resolve child support conflicts, the two disputing parties are given the opportunity to express their points of view and provide evidence to a neutral person trained in dispute resolution. The mediator does not issue a binding decision (like a judge or arbitrator would), but instead helps the parties come to an acceptable compromise.

Mediation Advantage Services

Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, Mediation Advantage Services provides affordable family law mediation services to individuals and families throughout the area. Our office is led by attorney Polly A. Tatum , who has conducted more than 3000 family law mediations in the Worcester area since 1997.

The Costs of Child Support Mediation

In most cases, mediation is a less expensive and a faster dispute resolution option than traditional litigation. In the mediation process, it is not necessary for each parent to hire a separate lawyer; this reduces out-of-pocket expenses. Also, a skilled mediator can often help the parties reach a compromise agreement in just a few sessions, which also helps to lower costs.

For more information about the relative costs of mediation and litigation, see the information we have provided on divorce litigation costs and divorce mediation costs .

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