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Divorce hurts, but falling out of love doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still proceed in separating with kindness and understanding. Our Divorce and Family Mediation Services will empower you to proceed with divorce or separation with dignity and without a judge deciding your future. Traditional litigation removes focus from the needs of the family, and pits two people’s material wants and needs against each other in a hostile environment. At Mediation Advantage, we serve to support the needs of the family as a unit, so that asset allocation and preservation is fair for both parties, and beneficial for the future of any children.

Mediation proves to be more advantageous for the family unit than traditional divorce proceedings because it is not a combative or hostile experience. Instead of a battle of lawyers there is a mediation team with one goal in mind: to create peace of mind for both spouses.

This is in stark contrast to the more traditional approach where two different legal teams work to “win” for their party, many times leading to a situation where a family’s future is decided not by the family, but by a judge. Disagreements are natural in any separation, but the process of uncoupling can be done fairly and agreeably, protecting the future emotional health of their children.

Mediation Advantage does both divorce and family mediation in Massachusetts, depending on your marital status. Divorce mediation for those who are married, and family mediation for families that aren’t legally married. Unmarried partners do not have the same legal protection as married couples, and this can be difficult when making decisions regarding property division, child support and child custody, making mediation a perfect fit.

Mediation is designed to help disputing couples reach a fair resolution with the help of a neutral mediator focused on facilitating open and honest discussions.

At Mediation Advantage we guide you through every step of the settlement process, always with an eye on accelerating your peace of mind. Our process focuses on 2 primary areas: preserving your assets and your children.

Always with an eye on accelerating peace of mind


Your children, after all, are your most important assets. At Mediation Advantage we believe you, and not the legal system should decide what your relationship with your children should be like in a co-parenting situation. Our Comprehensive Parenting Plans allow both parents to come to a mutual agreement regarding both time and money as it relates to co-parenting so that time spent with your children is time spent actually being a parent. After all your children are, and should continue to be, a source of connection, not contention as you move into a co-parenting role. At Mediation Advantage we want you to love them, not lose them due hostile litigation.

Our Comprehensive Parenting Plans focus on the following areas.

Child support is often one of the most emotionally charged aspects of separation.The parent receiving support may feel cheated out of a fair payment, whereas the parent paying support may feel forced to pay an unmanageable amount.Turning to the traditional court process to resolve a child support dispute usually ends up costing both parents more money and more time, while leaving one parent feeling like they got the short end of the stick. In stark contrast, mediation allows the parents to come to a reasonable solution for the people not represented, but whom is greatly affected by the end settlement, your children. In mediation sessions to resolve child support conflicts, the two disputing parents are given the opportunity to express their points of view and provide evidence to a neutral person trained in dispute resolution. We do not issue a binding decision (like a judge or arbitrator would), but instead helps the parents come to an acceptable compromise.


Over the past decade we have seen how mediation can help parents where a traditional lawsuit might fail. Guided by a neutral third party, parents can express their fears and hopes about the children and work out a compromise agreement. Agreeing on child custody and parenting arrangements is often the most difficult part of a divorce or separation. It’s emotional, which is exactly why custody should be decided by the parents with the guidance of a neutral 3rd party, instead of the ironclad decision of a judge. You know better than a judge what is better for your children. In many circumstances, the adversarial nature of traditional divorce lawsuits can make the situation even worse as parents are encouraged to make negative statements about one another, rather than concentrate on making a plan that best suits the children as well as the parents. It’s a lose-lose situation and is not a healthy way to decide the future of your children. Compromise can be difficult, but with a trained mediator to guide both parents through the steps to compromise, a custody agreement can be met so that no one “loses” the battle. At Mediation Advantage, we never lose sight of what is best for the family unit as a whole, so that the children, in addition to the parents are content with the agreed upon compromise.
It is easy to get caught up in personal animosity and lose sight of how our decisions affect those around us. We must protect the relationship that isn’t ending, the relationship between the children and you, their parent. They did not sign up for a separation and they do not want to take sides or feel that they are losing a parent due to a separation. Our parent scheduling is designed with the children in mind, so time spent with children can actually be time spent parenting. An agreed upon schedule, from holidays to school pickups eases animosity and provides structure and routine during a time that is anything but routine for your children. With an agreed upon schedule, both parents can feel at peace knowing when they are going to spend time with their children and in what capacity, allowing them to plan accordingly.