Divorce hurts, even if you are the one who wants it; however, that doesn’t mean the process should be any more painful than it needs to be. At Mediation Advantage we provide the guidance and legal expertise necessary so that separation can be done cooperatively. We believe a fair compromise that allows each person to walk away from the relationship with peace of mind is possible.

We also believe that the best person to determine your future, and the future of your family is you. Not a judge, not lawyers, not the “system” but you and your family.

Mediation provides a space for those uncoupling to determine what’s best for the family unit.

Our approach has many advantages to traditional divorce proceedings, particularly that it is not a combative or hostile experience. There is one mediation team with one goal in mind, to help both participants reach a fair settlement. At Mediation Advantage we will guide you to an equitable settlement through a fair process that allows you to be in control. This allows the family to move on with dignity, clarity and peace of mind.