Why Mediation Beats Litigation

Why Mediation Beats Litigation

resolutionsDivorce is an awful thing but sometimes very necessary. Most people do not even think of other options besides litigation when going through their divorce because of all of the stress but mediation is a much better option for many reasons. We say that mediation can save you a lot and that’s more than just money.

Mediation is when two parties agree to come together and solve the issues with a lawyer present but choose not to go to court. All agreements are made by the parties involved with the help of a mediator. The reasons why this is such an advantageous option are plentiful. Mediation is quicker, cheaper, confidential, more flexible, completely personalized and allows for both parties to actually remain civil to name a few.

Many clients find that their exes are much more responsive to the solutions reached in mediation because both people come to a compromise instead of a judge just making a decision that may not be in the best interest of anyone involved in the situation. This is a personalized solution.

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